A New Era For Air Kiribati

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30-Oct-2017 A New Era For Air Kiribati

Today we welcome a new era for aviation in Kiribati with the arrival of Air Kiribati's new Dash 8 100 series aircraft which has just touched down an hour ago at Bonriki International Airport having just travelled from Canada. This aircraft has the capability of taking up to 37 passengers, is pressurised and will have inflight cabin service. We look forward to providing more photos soon! As the firs...t Dash 8 to service Kiribati, there will be a process that Air Kiribati now needs to undertake to obtain the necessary registrations and licencing. This includes over 100 hours of proving flights before we are able to accept our first guests. Exciting times ahead and we look forward to keeping you up to date with the information about when we start our first passenger operations