CAPA World Aviation Outlook Summit

Malta, Malta
5-6 Dec 2019

Thursday 05 December 2019

Registration, Networking & Coffee
Chairman’s Welcome
CAPA - Centre for Aviation, Chairman Emeritus, Peter Harbison
Host Welcome
Air Malta, Chairman, Charles Mangion
Ministry for Tourism, Permanent Secretary, Ronald Mizzi
Aviation Market Overview
CAPA - Centre for Aviation, Chairman Emeritus, Peter Harbison [Download Presentation]
Industry Pulse
What will be the biggest impact on the aviation market in 2020?
Boardroom Update - Airline Outlook 2020: Where to next?
In this session we ask key airline Executives to share their thoughts on the market for 2020 and beyond.

Moderator: WiT, Founder, Siew Hoon Yeoh

11:00 Coffee Break & Networking
Start-Up Studio
CAPA - Centre for Aviation, Editor Blue Swan Daily, Rich Maslen
FlyBosnia, CEO, Tarik Bilalbegovic [Download Presentation]
Global market access, have we reached a high-water mark?
As the originator of the swathe of open skies agreements in the 1990s and the early part of the 21st century, the US is a vital part of the modern liberal bilateral system. The US is seemingly wavering in its commitment to the principles of a laissez-faire international marketplace, meanwhile Canada remains committed to its (dark) Blue Skies protectionist policy. Brexit also threatens to impact global policy and set a precedent for multilateral agreements around the world.
In this discussion, we get an update from key industry experts on open skies agreements around the world and its impact on aviation and tourism.
  • How does the industry navigate the crossroad between trade and travel?
  • Ownership and control limitations – encouraging investment into airlines and infrastructure
  • Should antitrust immunity be expanded or contracted?
  • Where to next for global market access?

Moderator: Holland & Knight, Partner, Anita Mosner

  • Air Malta, General Manager, International Affairs, Nadia Giordimaina

  • European Commission,  Head of Unit for Aviation Agreements, Carlos Bermejo Acosta
  • Fedex Corporate, Staff Vice President Regulatory Affairs, Ralph Carter
  • PA Nyras, Senior Commercial Aviation Expert, David Huttner
  • UK Civil Aviation Authority, Head, Airline Licensing, David Kendrick
CAPA Membership
CAPA – Centre for Aviation, Managing Director, Derek Sadubin
12:50 Lunch Break & Networking
Hosted by enemed
OEM Keynote
Embraer, Martketing Director EMEA, Michal Nowak  [Download Presentation]
Financing & OEM Outlook: A meeting of the minds
In this session we ask key lessors and OEMs to share their thoughts on the market for 2020 and beyond.


  • What will lessors look for in an airline business model in 2020?
  • How does: credit structure; management talent and capital structure of the business; the competitive landscape, network, long term strategy and break-even point; impact the decision making process?
  • How do lessors assess an airline risk?
  • Should airlines lease or purchase outright from the OEM? 


  • Can OEMs deliver on their order books for 2020?
  • New aircraft types and new engines promise to transform the way we travel:
  • Is the number of delays and problems intensifying as a result.
  • Will it reach breaking point in 2020?
  • What aircraft innovation is set to change the landscape?
  • Are things really worse than they were before?
  • What needs to be done to deliver what the airlines want?

Moderator: CAPA -  Centre for Aviation, Senior Financial Analyst, Jonathan Wober

  • Embraer, Marketing Director EMEA, Michal Nowak
  • GECAS, Executive Vice President and Region Manager, Commercial, Europe and Canada, Declan Hartnett
  • PA Nyras, Partner and Global Head - Airline Transactions, Iain May 
  • Knighthood Capital Partners, General Manager, Phillip McCloskey
Distribution and selling challenges: NDC to the rescue?
  • What have we learned in 2019?
  • What has been achieved in 2019?
  • An update on 2020.

Moderator: Travelport, Global Head of Product & Marketing, Air Commerce, Ian Heywood

  • Lufthansa Group, SVP Revenue Management & Distribution Lufthansa Group Hub Airlines, Tamur Goudarzi Pour
15:35 Coffee Break & Networking
Host Welcome
Malta Enterprise, Chief Executive Officer, Kurt Farrugia
Fireside Chat with Spirit Airlines
CAPA - Centre for Aviation, Chairman Emeritus, Peter Harbison
Spirit Airlines, President & Chief Executive Officer, Ted Christie
European islands: Airlines driving tourism growth
Europe has seven island markets listed as separate countries/territories in CAPA and OAG databases for aviation data on capacity and aircraft fleets. These are the three nations of Cyprus, Iceland and Malta, together with four much smaller markets: three UK crown dependencies Jersey, Guernsey and Isle of Man, and the Faroe Islands, which are a self-governing region of Denmark.

In all cases, Europe's island markets have a much higher propensity for air travel than other leading aviation markets. The small island territories depend much more on air travel to maintain vital links with the rest of the world. In addition, they have often successfully marketed themselves as popular tourist destinations (and as an aviation connecting hub, in the case of Iceland).

This has made these island markets attractive to airlines with a variety of business models, with no single template applied to all of them. Local airlines have dominated in the Faroe Islands, Iceland and Guernsey, but with different models. LCCs are highly significant in Malta and in southern Cyprus. Jersey and the Isle of Man have no local airlines but are served by a regional airline, a low cost operator and a legacy airline.

  • How can aviation be used to support tourism growth?
  • What are the main source markets for inbound tourism?
  • Is the region well positioned to attract key inbound markets?
  • What routes will be opened up to Europe thanks to new long range aircraft technology?
  • What impact can over tourism have on European markets?

Moderator: European Aviation Club, Chairman, Prof. Rigas Doganis

  • ERA, Director General, Montserrat Barriga
  • Loganair, Chief Commercial Officer, Kay Ryan
  • Malta Air, CEO, Diarmuid Ó Conghaile
  • Malta Tourism Authority, Deputy CEO, Leslie Vella
  • Tus Air, CEO, Andrew Pyne
Chairman’s Closing Remarks
CAPA - Centre for Aviation, Chairman Emeritus, Peter Harbison
19:00 Pre-Dinner Drinks
Gala Dinner & CAPA Aviation Awards for Excellence