CAPA LCCs in North Asia

Osaka, Japan
13-14 Jun 2017

CAPA LCCs in North Asia 2017 Agenda Day 2

Day 2 - Wednesday, 14 June 2017
08:30  Registration
09:25 Chairman's Welcome
09:30 Panel Discussion: The Challenge of Cooperation?
LCCs are no longer islands in a sea of uncompetitive legacy airlines – to prosper many are having to embrace behaviour previously seen as the preserve of FSCs. To attract every last passenger, LCCs are having to learn how to cooperate with each other and with FSCs across many new platforms and in new ways. However cooperating is not always easy and the costs versus benefits may initially look unattractive.
Moderator: CAPA - Centre for Aviation, Managing Director, Stephen Pearse
  • Hong Kong Express/U-Fly Alliance, Director Strategy & Regulatory Affairs, Philip Herbert
  • Vanilla Air, Senior Executive VP, Mio Yamamuro
  • VietJet, Member of Board of Directors, Cuong Chu
  • Spring Airlines, VP, Jonathan Hutt
10:15 Panel Discussion: Fleet Selection – what are the options for LCCs?
Fleet selection is one of the most important elements of airline planning and influences not only the network but ultimately what can be provided to customers. For LCCs there are a variety of options to consider: only go with new aircraft (Peach), or exclusively very old aircraft (Jeju)? Lease or direct order from an airframer? What are the financial benefits of parent group purchasing (Jetstar Japan) versus independent action (Spring Japan uses 737s while Spring China is A320)? And decisions around aircraft type – operating not just widebodies but also larger narrowbodies (T’way 737-900ER)? What are some of the driving forces to consider regarding up-gauging: economics, new aircraft developments, slots or traffic rights? And finally, is there a role for dedicated airline leasing subsidiaries – such as Lion/Air Asia? This session will explore a range of fleet & finance issues relevant to LCCs.
Moderator: CAPA - Centre for Aviation, Senior Analyst, Will Horton
  • Airbus, SVP Sales Japan, Jean-Pierre Stainnack
  • BOC Aviation, Head of Strategy & Market Research, Peter Negline
  • Boeing, Director of Marketing Japan, Yukio Kojima
  • Cranfield University, Lecturer in Air Transport Economics, Dr Chikage Miyoshi
  • Jeju Air, Head of Business Development & Fleet Planning, Hyuk Park
11:00 Coffee Break, Networking, Exhibition
11:30 Panel Discussion: Japanese Hybrids are finding a niche–regional creators of value
Hybrids are injecting growth into previously under-served regional areas. Some are finding a niche, promoting their home region (Miyazaki for Solaseed, Hokkaido for Air Do), whilst others are evaluating international charters/scheduled services (Skymark and others). How to continue growing?
Moderator: Intermodal, Chief Operating Officer, Yasushi Muto [Download Presentation]
  • IBEX Airlines, President & Representative Director, Takao Asai
  • Kitakyushu Airport Terminal, President & CEO, Kenichi Katayama 
  • Nankai Electric Railway, Corporate Officer, & Chief Manager, Hiroyuki Sumita [Download Presentation]
  • Sendai International Airport, President, Takuya Iwai
  • Skymark Airlines, President & Representative Director, Masahiko Ichie [Download Presentation]
12:15 Closing Panel Discussion
NE Asia was a late bloomer to LCC growth. This session will look at accomplishments and challenges, asking the question: what can other regions learn from Northeast Asia, and what can Northeast Asia still learn from experience elsewhere? Aviation infrastructure is lagging growth and restricting capacity across the region – what can airlines and airports do to overcome the looming crisis? Are the market conditions and context so different that the experience of the US or Europe are now no longer valuable, and the region's airlines must work it out themselves?
Moderator: CAPA - Centre for Aviation, Managing Director, Stephen Pearse
  • Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, Assistant Professor, June Lee
  • Intermodal, Chief Operating Officer, Yasushi Muto
  • Kansai Airports,Corporate Exec VP/Chief Commercial Officer (Aeronautical), Gregory Jamet
  • Tokyo Institute of Technology, Associate Professor, Shinya Hanaoka
12:55  Welcome to Lunch: Peach Aviation, CEO, Shinichi Inoue 
13:00 Lunch
Hosted by Peach Aviation (Supported by Airbus Japan K.K.)

14:00 Conference close
14:30 - 15:30 Tour of Kansai Airport's new LCC Terminal (Please note: registration for the tour is now closed)