CAPA LCCs in North Asia

Osaka, Japan
13-14 Jun 2017

CAPA LCCs in North Asia 2017 Agenda Day 1

Day 0 -  Monday, 12 June 2017
15:30 - 16:30 Tour of Kansai Airport's new LCC Terminal (Please note: registration for the tour is now closed)
18:30 - 20:30 Registration and Welcome Reception hosted by Kansai Airports
Day 1 - Tuesday, 13 June 2017
08:00 Registration
09:00 Chairman's Welcome
09:05 Host Welcome - Kansai Airports
Kansai Airports
, CEO, Yoshiyuki Yamaya
Kansai Airports, Co-CEO, Emmanuel Menanteau
09:15 Conference theme - the LCC operational model is clear, but the market environment is increasingly complex, competitive and interconnected: what lies ahead for LCCs in the region?
CAPA Outlook. Latest research and perspective on LCC performance and outlook for LCCs with focus on North Asia/APAC.

CAPA - Centre for Aviation, Managing Director, Stephen Pearse [Download Presentation]
CAPA - Centre for Aviation, Senior Analyst – North Asia, Will Horton [Download Presentation]
09:35 Keynote Panel: What do LCCs want from airports?
Airports can be either drivers or brakes of LCC growth, depending upon the costs and facilities offered. What more needs to be done –and how can airlines and airports work together to maximise opportunities, especially if ownership/government changes? For example, some LCCs are worried about Kansai following recent commercial ownership change. Can the divergent needs of LCCs and FSCs both be met by airports?
Moderator: CAPA - Centre for Aviation, Managing Director, Stephen Pearse
  • Hong Kong Express, Director, Strategy & Regulatory Affairs, Philip Herbert
  • Jeju Air, CEO, Ken Choi
  • Kansai Airports, Co-CEO, Emmanuel Menanteau
  • Narita International Airport Corporation, Executive VP, Futoshi Osada
  • Peach Aviation, Executive VP Operations, José Oller
  • University of British Columbia & MIT-China NSCIIC Institute, Professor Tae Hoon Oum
10:15 Coffee, Networking, Exhibition
Hosted By Royal In-Flight Catering

10:45 Panel Discussion: LCCs in Japan – too many airlines and time for consolidation?
Japan’s aviation market is increasingly complicated with overlap between carriers and ownership within larger aviation groups. Overall in Japan however the percentage of LCC seats is relatively low. How can LCCs increase their market share – is the number one priority access to slots – especially at Haneda? And should there be consolidation, more new carriers, or development of more alliances? 
Moderator: Tokyo Institute of Technology, Associate Professor, Shinya Hanoaka [Download Presentation]
11:25 Panel Discussion: Airport privatisation in Japan
Airport privatisation is reaching Japan – with recent new owners of Kansai. Many Japanese airports (Fukuoka, Hokkaido 7 airports as a block, Takamatsu, Shizuoka, Hiroshima, Kumamoto, Kagoshima and more) are also planned to have management rights sold to private sector operators by 2022. How has privatisation changed airline-airport relationships in other markets and what lessons can be learned or shared?
Moderator: ACI Asia-Pacific, Regional Director, Patti Chau [Download Presentation]
  • Fukuoka Prefectural Government, Director General, Airport Planning Bureau, Masanori Hashimoto
  • IATA Asia Pacific, Regional Director - Airport, Passenger, Cargo & Security, Vinoop Goel
  • Kansai Airports, CEO, Yoshiyuki Yamaya
  • Kansai Economic Federation, Chairman, National Land and Regional Infrastructure Committee, Makoto Yamanaka
  • Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism, Assistant Vice-Minister for International Aviation Minister’s Secretariat, Hiroki Matsumoto
  • Sendai International Airport, Chief Commercial Officer, Katsuhiko Okazaki
12:10 Panel Discussion: What is the outlook for LCCs in China?
Three years after the CAAC gave sweeping support for LCCs, the transition remains gradual. What obstacles are there? Are CAAC's predictions of LCC growth attainable?
Moderator: McKinsey & Company, Partner, Steve Saxon [Download Presentation]
  • 9AIR, Director Marketing & Sales, Airline Network, Jianming Qiu
  • AirAsia Group, President China & North Asia, Kathleen Tan
  • Lucky Air, CFO, Jiawen Fu
  • MIT SCALE NSCIIC, Director, Dr Shaoxuan Liu
  • Spring Airlines, VP Jonathan Hutt
12:45 Welcome to Lunch: Travelport,  Senior Commercial Director - North Asia & Pacific, Chris Ramm
12:50 Lunch
Hosted By Travelport

13:50 Panel Discussion: Korea
South Korea’s LCC fleet is now over 100 aircraft, with a domestic traffic share of over 40%, and international share also climbing. But where to from here? Seoul and Busan are maxed out on slots, and early 2017 restrictions on operating some international charter services to China, whilst a relatively small impact on overall capacity, did create some unwanted issues for Korean LCCs looking to continue expanding. Jeju has promised to achieve 10m pax in 2017.  Can South Korean LCCs grow revenue and yield in such a crowded and competitive market?
Moderator: Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, Assistant Professor June Lee
  • Eastar Jet, CEO, Jong-gu Choi
  • Jin Air, Managing VP, Corporate Strategy Division, Kwang Lee
  • T'way Air, Managing VP, Hyung Yi Kim
14:30 A seat may not be just a seat: varying the total LCC offer to compete for premium or corporate passengers
As business customers increasingly seek value for money, especially for short haul travel, and a new generation blends work and leisure when travelling, the distinction between travelling for business or personal reasons has become less relevant. This has provided LCCs with the opportunity to compete for ‘corporate’ business that may previously have not been considered a real revenue opportunity. This session will focus on the increasing role of LCCs in corporate travel, the development by some ‘LCC’ carriers of premium economy or business class products, and the opportunities and challenges of competing in this space.
Moderator: CAPA - Centre for Aviation,  Managing Director, Stephen Pearse
  • AirAsia X, CEO, Benyamin Ismail>
  • Amadeus, Head of Commercial Asia Pacific, Airline Group, Cyril Tetaz
  • Hong Kong Express, Director, Strategy & Regulatory Affairs, Philip Herbert
15:15 Coffee, Networking, Exhibition
15:45 Embracing technology to avoid LCC commoditisation
How is technology enabling LCCs in the region to further develop – focusing on distribution, through evolution of working with basic intermediaries (travel agents) through to new tech intermediaries such as online aggregators, and big market players such as CTrip. And how is technology supporting LCCs with the sale of ancillaries?
Moderator: WebinTravel, Founder & Editor, Siew Hoon Yeoh
  • Booking.com, Director, Strategic Partnerships, APAC, David Peller
  • Inmarsat Aviation, Vice President Asia Pacific, Otto Gergye
  • OAG, Regional Sales Director JAPAC, Mayur (Mac) Patel
  • SITA, VP Business Management, Passenger Solution Line, Asia Pacific, Chris Eite
  • Travelport, Senior Commercial Director - North Asia & Pacific, Chris Ramm
  • Unisys, Global Lead, Airline Passenger Business, Darko Todorovic
16:25 Selling Aviation – not just seats
How can airlines – and especially LCCs who may not have the connections or lobbying budgets of large airlines– inspire local communities to support aviation? Everyone likes lots of cheap fares, but communities in the region are beginning to push back – much like in Europe: no more night flights, no more runways. Have airlines and airports failed to convince the public of aviation’s awesome contribution?
Moderator: CAPA - Centre for Aviation, Senior Analyst, Will Horton
  • Central Japan International Airport, President & CEO, Masanao Tomozoe
  • Cranfield University, Lecturer in Air Transport Economics, Dr Chikage Miyoshi
  • Hong Kong Express, Director Strategy & Regulatory Affairs, Philip Herbert
  • Oslo Airport, Avinor, Director Asia Route Development, Ulv Elbirk
  • Peach Aviation, CCO & Exec VP Commercial, Yoshihiro Morii
17:10 End of Conference Day 1
17:50 Transport departs for dinner
19:30 Gala Dinner Cruise
Hosted by Kansai Airports