CAPA Latin America Aviation & LCCs Summit

Curacao, Curacao
16-17 Sep 2019

Tuesday 17 September 2019

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Opening remarks from the Chairman
CAPA - Centre for Aviation, Head of Content Curation, Marco Navarria
Azul - Building a Sustainable Competitive Advantage
Azul Brazilian Airlines, Chief Revenue Officer, Abhi Shah [Download Presentation]
The Azul Experience – Lessons for Newer LCCs in the Region
In this up close and personal chat with Azul Chief Revenue Officer Abhi Shah, we take a closer look at the successes and failures of one of the region’s largest LCCs.
Azul Brazilian Airlines, Chief Revenue Officer, Abhi Shah
CAPA - Centre for Aviation, Advisor, John Thomas
An Update on the Latin American LCC Market
The growth of Latin American ULCCs and low cost airlines continues unabated as new start-ups in Chile and Argentina work to grow their respective market shares domestically; however, yields in those markets are likely to remain under pressure.
It seems that some of Latin America’s largest operators are working to brace themselves against that uncertainty even as the ambitions of the region’s aspiring LCCs/ULCCs remains as robust as ever.
  • Can the Latin American market handle an influx of aspiring LCCs?
  • How are the full service carriers reacting to this influx?

CAPA - Centre for Aviation, Senior Analyst Americas, Lori Ranson
ICF Aviation, Principal, Carlos Ozores

Preparing for a Gathering Storm: CAPA Airline Survival Toolkit for LCCs
Over recent years we’ve been through a period of relatively benign external inputs, with low fuel prices supporting lower fares and a solid global economy supporting demand. This has propelled the industry into a period of unprecedented profitability (although US airlines, mostly operating domestically, have accounted for around half of this).
The period of high profitability is unlikely to continue as oil prices, currently in the mid-USD60s/barrel for Brent Crude, creep up and as business and consumer confidence – at least, outside the US – slips rapidly.
The IMF recently issued a warning that the global economy is weakening “faster than expected” and downgraded GDP growth forecasts for 2019, and the European Central Bank has “substantially” revised downwards its economic growth projections for 2019, implying a slackening of demand in markets which have become increasingly price sensitive.
At the same time, the entire aviation system is undergoing a technology-led upheaval of volcanic proportions, challenging conventional norms and demanding new solutions to new problems (and opportunities).
In this session CAPA sets out some key tactics available to management to deploy in a downturn.

CAPA - Centre for Aviation, Advisor, John Thomas [Download Presentation]

Announcement of Latin America Aviation Summit 2020
Secretariat of Culture and Tourism of Salvador, Tourism Director, Antonio Barretto Jr.
Coffee Break & Networking
How can LCCs Work with Other Travel Suppliers to Grow the Travel Pie?
By virtue of its very nature the airline industry is highly dependent on partnerships of one kind or another. In times of stress, reliance on these partners – and enhancing shared goals – becomes a high priority, especially for low cost carriers. These partners range from all parts of the supply chain, notably airports, to fellow airlines, GDS organisations, agencies, payment providers and many more.
  • Have you got the right partnerships?
  • Who you do business with can be a key determinant of success or failure.
  • Undergoing a transformation can put pressure on business partners, suppliers and other stakeholders.
  • How can LCCs stop operating in isolation?
  • What value can partnering with organisations outside of aviation, such as OTAs and Hotels, improve the bottom line?

Moderator: TravelSky, Director Marketing and Sales Quick PRS, Lars Gaebler [Download Presentation]

  • Despegar, Air Regional Manager, Paula Cristi
  • Expedia Group, Vice President, Global Air Platform, Julie Kyse
  • Kiwi.com, Head of Airline Partnerships, Marco van Ieperen
  • UATP, Director, Sales Implementations, Robson Rodrigues
Driving Connectivity within the Caribbean
Historically, connectivity within the Caribbean has been limited with traffic forced into hubs like Puerto Rico and now Miami. Is there an opportunity for the point-to-point LCC model to start connecting the different destinations within the Caribbean?
  • How can LCCs create profitable and sustainable route network?
  • What cooperation between regional airlines can assist with this growth?
  • How can LCCs overcome traffic rights within the region?

Moderator: Aruba Airport Authority, Air Service Development Manager, Jo-Anne Meaux Arends [Download Presentation]

  • Air Antilles, CEO, Serge Tsygalnitzky
  • interCaribbean Airways, CEO, Trevor Sadler
  • Winair, President & CEO, Michael Cleaver
13:00 Closing Remarks
13:05 Close of Conference
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