CAPA Australia Pacific Aviation & Corporate Travel Summit

Sydney, Australia
1-2 Aug 2018

1 August 2018

08:00 Registration, Networking & Coffee
09:00 Chairman's Welcome
CAPA - Centre for Aviation, Executive Chairman, Peter Harbison
09:05 Host Welcome
Destination NSW
09:10 CAPA Aviation Outlook
CAPA - Centre for Aviation, Executive Chairman, Peter Harbison 
09:30 Airport Keynote
Sydney Airport, CEO, Geoff Culbert
09:50 Keynote: World economic outlook and what it means for the Australian travel industry
BIS Oxford Economics,
Head of Australia Macroeconomics, Sarah Hunter [Download Presentation]
10:10 Keynote
American Express,
Vice President - Loyalty & Partnerships, Global Consumer Services Group, Robert Tedesco [Download Presentation]
10:20 CAPA Membership Introduction
CAPA - Centre for Aviation,
Senior Account Manager, Marianne Cummins [Download Presentation]
10:25 Coffee Break & Networking
 11:10 The evolving payments landscape and implications for corporate travellers
Understanding the key role payment platforms are playing on your travel programs, working with your customers and enabling savings in your business
American Express, Product Director, Bevin Aston
11:25 Cost benefits of virtual payments
An overview of payment innovation and why more and more organisations are taking up virtual payments as a more flexible, seamless alternative payment platform
WEX Inc, Director, Market Development APAC, Justin Cross [Download Presentation]
Corporate Travel Sourcing Workshops
Representing a spend of more than AUD6billion in Australia, these three workshops will teach you how to generate savings when negotiating airline contracts, hotel room rates and travel management services.
Walk away with clear best in class guidelines and solutions for how to source, prepare, evaluate and run a market scan for key travel procurement areas.
11:35 Airline negotiations in a supply driven market
  • How do I generate savings as part of my sourcing strategy?
  • Contracting with airlines
  • Day to Day air ticket purchases beyond the contract to best rate of the day

Carlson Wagonlit Travel, Consultant, Ryan O'Malley [Download Presentation]

11:55 Sourcing hotel rates in a highly competitive open market
  • How do I source savings in a market that is constrained by low supply and heavy demand?
  • Buy best daily rates – contract or open market?
  • Air crew negotiations: how to extrapolate room rate savings in a constrained market.

4th Dimension Business Consulting, Manager Accommodation Sourcing Team, Dean Easton [Download Presentation]

12:15 The suppliers’ voice (accommodation)
Tips from one of the largest operators of managed hotel programs on the value of outsourcing your program to a third party

HRS - Global Hotel Solutions
, Executive Director, Jon West [Download Presentation]
12:30 Managing my TMC costs
  •  What will a TMC look like in 2019?
  • Contracting for TMC Services
  • RFP – asking the right questions

SimPPLY, Partner, Harry Banga [Download Presentation]

12:50 Driving efficiencies
Key Drivers of implementing a best in class total end to end solution, from procurement to acquisition – top tips

Diners Club, Head of Sales - Commercial Payments, Vasa Srbinoski [Dowwnload Presentation]
13:15 Lunch Break & Networking
14:15 New World Opportunities
Hear about the new route opportunities opening for Australian travellers
LATAM Airlines Group, Senior Vice President of Global Sales, Nicolás Goldstein [Download Presentation]
14:35 Panel: Deconstructing the digital airline and what it means for airline distribution
In an increasingly digitalised economy, airlines understand the need to innovate in order to cater to growing traveller expectations centred on mobility, seamlessness and personalisation, particularly in relation to the booking and shopping experience. This is not an easy task in the wake of decades of legacy thinking and antiquated distribution systems preventing airlines from becoming true end to end travel providers. While new industry standards like IATA’s NDC have mapped out a pathway to better airline retailing and - and indeed the three major GDS and some major airlines are now adopting the standard - there is still a notable chunk of smaller airlines, LCCs, OTAs and travel content aggregators who have yet to undergo full NDC implementation. Are we seeing a new ‘haves’ and 'have nots’ emerging? And, if we are, who is going to be offering services to bridge this gap - will it be the GDS and IT providers, other airlines or speciality providers? Or is this an opportunity for the new disruptive players to get a slice of the distribution pie?
  • Why is digital innovation strategically important to the airline business?
  • Are we seeing a growing gap between the digitally innovative airlines and those without a digital drive?
  • How does airline.com compete in the era of conversational converse and new channels like voice, Google Assist and Amazon Alexa? Are there other distribution channels which airlines are underutilising?
  • Unlocking the true potential of disruptive players and technology such as blockchain: just how is it going to usurp the existing value travel distribution chain?
  • Digital and virtual payments - how are these new payment solutions enabling travel mobility and at what cost?

Moderator: Web In Travel, Founder, Siew Hoon Yeoh [Download Presentation]

  • Amadeus, Regional Director Airlines South Pacific , Sunil Joseph
  • HRG Worldwide, Managing Director, David Lorimer
  • Travelport, Vice President Asia Pacific, Air Commerce, Chris Ramm
15:10 Panel: What are the secrets to attracting the top inbound markets?
Inbound tourism is Australia’s second largest export industry, with favourable macroeconomic conditions, low fuel prices and a depreciating dollar providing the ideal conditions for continued growth. But increasing awareness and stimulating tourism demand is a perennial challenge faced by Australia, which is hampered by the tyranny of distance and high costs relative to neighbouring destinations.
  • Does Australia have the capacity and infrastructure to meet tourism demand? Is there an oversupply or undersupply of travel services?
  • Are operators fully educated on how best to market and cater for inbound markets?
  • What are the facilitation challenges and issues around border protection and visas?
  • Does Australia have any competitive advantages that can be leveraged in its destination marketing efforts?
  • What are the opportunities around regional dispersal of visitors?
  • Raising brand awareness in the digital age - how is industry using data in a smarter ways to convert awareness into actual bookings?
  • Can industry collaboration improve messaging and funding available to stimulate inbound markets?

Moderator: Tourism Futures International, Managing Director, Bob Cain

  • South Australian Tourism Commission, Chief Executive, Rodney Harrex
  • Tourism Australia, Managing Director, John O’Sullivan
  • Tourism WA, Chairman, Nathan Harding
15:50 Coffee Break & Networking
16:20 Keynote Q&A
Jetstar Group,
CEO, Gareth Evans
16:45 Panel: What does truly frictionless travel look like? How to reduce customer touchpoints and enhance the travel experience using new technologies and AI
From voice based commerce during the booking process, to automated check in and inflight wi fi, technological innovations are enhancing the travel experience. Biometrics technology are set to obliterate the physical barriers faced by travellers at all major airport touchpoints such as check in, immigration and security; electronic tagging has enabled real time tracking of baggage; and AI, virtual assistants and chatbots are being deployed to manage myriad customer queries such as booking flights and aircraft delays. Airlines and airports that are investing in process improvements stand to gain from a more engaged and loyal customer base.
  • How does the whole travel ecosystem view the passenger journey? How can each player work together to personalise and enhance the traveller journey?
  • What are the opportunities and implications of AI and robotics? What are some real world applications of AI and how will they impact the future of the aviation industry, from both a customer service and operational viewpoint?
  • Passenger processing: Assessing the technologies and processes available to improve operational efficiencies and asset productivity eg with border processing, facial recognition, retinal scanning, fingerprint ID, digital tokens and preclearance
  • Leveraging predictive analytics: how to turn big data into actionable information that intelligently understands and delights the customer (and enhances revenue)

Moderator: Festive Road, Principal Consultant, Mike Orchard

  • FCM Travel Solutions, General Manager, Melissa Elf
  • Inmarsat, Regional Vice President, MEASA, Ben Griffin
  • SITA, Regional Director, North Asia and Pacific, Jay Youlten
  • The Lido Group, CEO, Steve Mackenzie
17:30 Close of Day 1
19:00 Pre Dinner Drinks
19:30 Gala Dinner
Hosted by Travelport