CAPA Americas Aviation Summit

Orlando, United States of America
4-5 Apr 2017
CAPA - Centre for Aviation, Executive Chairman, Peter Harbison
Paul Pessutti, SVP and GM, Travel and Transportation, SAP, outlines the the potential for airline disruption in the distribution and marketing areas as new entities employ big data to enrich the customer experience.

Marnix Fruitema, SVP North America, Air France-KLM, discusses changes in travel patterns from Europe to the US after the election of President Donald Trump, the long term positive effects of liberalisation on air travel and Air France-KLM’s conclusions about new low cost competition in the trans-Atlantic.

Peter Cerda, Regional VP Americas, IATA, evaluates the pace of economic recovery in Latin America, discusses North America’s role in global traffic stimulation, talks about Cuban market dynamics and offers an update on the evolution of IATA’s New Distribution Capability.
Stephen Wang, President, Spring Airlines, discusses Spring’s approach to managing low cost and customer demand, the importance of Shanghai in the airline’s network and the company’s consideration of long haul routes.
Ron Peri, CEO Radixx International provides an outlook for the future of airline ancillary sales and merchandizing, utilising the power of big data and how Radixx is growing its business in Latin America.
Cesar Pereira, Head of Embraer Consulting, discusses economic conditions in Brazil, growing stability in other Latin American economies and the prospects for the E2 programme.
Lars Sande, SVP Sales, Norwegian, talks about bookings and targeted spool-up periods for new US routes, Norwegian’s prospects in Argentina and the company’s approach to building partnerships with other airlines.
Robert Fornaro, CEO Spirit Airlines, weighs in on new pricing structures introduced by competitors, Spirit’s improving operational performance and how that will affect the customer experience.
Joe Mohan, VP alliances and partnerships, American Airlines, offers insight into oneworld partner IAG’s plans to launch its low cost, trans-Atlantic venture LEVEL, discusses American’s pursuit of China Southern and weighs in on the evolution of joint venture among alliance partners.
ACTE Executive Director Greeley Koch talks about varying global perceptions of attempted changes in travel policies of the Trump Administration, behaviours of the modern business traveller and using data to improve the corporate travel experience.
Lufthansa Group VP of airline sales for the Americas Tamur Goudarzi provides insight into new low cost competition in the trans-Atlantic market and changing dynamics on the distribution landscape.
  • Capacity limits at the biggest Chinese airports are prompting a chess game of bilateral negotiations. Are there any winners?
  • Will Beijing and Shanghai airports open up any more than New York or Chicago? How can we move beyond current slot restrictions?
  • How will trans-Pacific travel change if no significant capacity is added between major markets? Are airlines bypassing major hubs as they did decades ago with Tokyo and London Heathrow?
  • Where do we need fewer regulations – or more?
Moderator: John R Byerly, Consultant, John Byerly
Panel Members:
  • Air China, VP & General Manager North America, Dr Zhihang Chi
  • All Nippon Airways, VP Strategic Planning, Tadashi Matsushita
  • FedEx Express, Lead Counsel, Legal, Trade & International Affairs, Bailey Leopard
  • Spring Airlines, Vice President, Jonathan Hutt
  • Brexit, Trump and the New World Order
  • US vs Middle East carriers – the battle returns
  • Protectionism and Open Skies – is there both in the US?
  • US airlines thrive while Latin American carriers struggle. Will the reverse be true in two years as costs rise for the Big Three?
  • NAFTA, Mexico and new possibilities – and risks
  • Chinese carrier expansion and Pacific alliances
Moderator: CAPA - Centre for Aviation, Executive Chairman, Peter Harbison Panel Members:
  • American Airlines, Vice President Alliances & Partnerships, Joe Mohan
  • Norwegian, SVP Sales, Lars Sande
  • Spirit Airlines, Chief Executive Officer, Robert Fornaro
  • Spring Airlines, President, Stephen Wang
Where is Brazil on the recovery track? How have Brazil’s domestic woes affected Latin America? What is the progress Latin American LCCs? Has Argentina turned the corner economically to challenge Brazil? How could new airport concessions in Brazil change the crowded airport spaces in the country? What are traffic and economic trends in Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Chile and Central America?
Orlando International Airport, Senior Director Marketing & Air Service Development, Vicki Jaramillo
Panel Members:
  • ALTA, Executive Director, Eduardo Iglesias
  • Embraer Consulting, Head, Cesar Pereira
  • GOL, Chief Planning Officer, Celso Ferrer
  • IATA, Regional VP The Americas, Peter Cerdá
ALTA Executive Director Eduardo Igelsias discusses improving conditions and traffic trends in Latin America and the progress of liberalisation in the region.
Recorded at CAPA Americas Aviation Summit, 4-5 Apr 2017

GOL Update

Gol Chief Product Officer Celso Ferrer offers the airline’s view on domestic and international traffic recovery in Brazil post economic downturn and outlines Gol’s inflight connectivity strategy.
Neil Lader, Regional Director, Travelport Digital offers views about how airlines and travel agents continue to embrace mobile technology, the potential role of robotic voice in traveler engagement and ways in which support from Travelport helps the business drive a number of solutions faster to market.
Henry Tsuei, Managing Director, Asia, UATP discusses trends in alternative forms of payment and the rate of adoption by airlines of new payment methods.
David Harvey, Managing Director of Business Development at Southwest Airlines, discusses the economic outlook for the US, the airline’s deployment plans for the Boeing 737 MAX and evolving pricing segmentation in the US market.
ANA strategic planning for the Americas Tadashi Matsushita discusses the airline’s deployment of Boeing 787s to secondary US cities, offers an an outlook on potential future joint ventures and provides an update on ANA’s low cost arm, Peach.
Travel is at the heart of internet disruption. Companies are introducing new ways to book tickets, assess fares, streamline the travel experience and further disrupt the market. Where are we seeing innovation? Where is disruption coming from, and where is it needed?  Moderator: Atmosphere Research Group, Founder & Industry Analyst, Henry Harteveldt Panel Members:
  • SAP, SVP & General Manager, Travel & Transportation, Paul Pessutti
  • Skyscanner, General Manager, Americas, Shane Corstorphine
  • Travelport Digital, Regional Director, Neil Laidler
  • UATP, Managing Director Asia, Henry Tsuei
After Mexicana’s demise and the rise of LCCs in Mexico, the market has grown rapidly. Now facing an anti-trust immune Aeromexico-Delta, will this force other alliances? Is there promise in a new Mexico City airport or is it too far away? What trends are emerging in North-South travel?     Moderator: HEICO, Vice President Business Development and Former Executive Director ALTA, Alex de Gunten Panel Members:
  • ALTA, Executive Director, Eduardo Iglesias
  • American Airlines, VP Alliances & Partnerships, Joe Mohan
  • ASUR,
     Customer & Route Development Director, Alejandro Vales
  • Holland & Knight, Partner, Anita Mosner
  • Southwest Airlines, Managing Director, Business Development, David Harvey
How is the introduction of new LCC service across the Atlantic changing how air service is evolving?  How will Norwegian’s battle with US authorities and airlines play out? Will the Trump Administration play spoiler to foreign competition? Has the US changed how it approaches foreign airlines? How are booking trends changing in the North Atlantic? Moderator: CNN, Aviation Editor, Jon Ostrower Panel Members:
  • Air France-KLM, Senior Vice President North America, Marnix Fruitema
  • Lufthansa Group, Vice President Sales, The Americas, Tamur Goudarzi-Pour
  • Norwegian, SVP Sales, Lars Sande
  • Pittsburgh International Airport, Chief Executive Officer, Christina Cassotis
  • Star Alliance, Former Chief Executive Officer, Mark Schwab
Live data-driven discussion of hot airline trends nobody is talking about.
  • Beijing's new Daxing mega-airport will shake up the world, but some airlines will lose significantly. Who?
  • How does cross-border LCC aggressiveness in Europe force change in US & Asia? Are there differences Latin America can learn from?
  • Is the supply of new aircraft outstripping world passenger growth? Where will future capacity and demand lines lead?
Seabury Airline Planning Group, Vice President, Bob Hill in conversation with CAPA - Centre for Aviation, Executive Chairman, Peter Harbison CAPA - Centre for Aviation, CEO - Americas, Michael Miller
  • How are these fare types are being used by Corporates, travel managers?
  • Are Corporates and their TMC's seeing any dramatic changes in Avg. Ticket Price on key city pairs as a result?
  • Are travellers spending more on ancillaries (bags, seats & meals) as a consequence and can companies measure their spend?
  • How should the sale of ancillary revenues be billed?
  • What is the Corporate view of Basic Economy offers vs. Premium Economy and bundled fares within fare families?
  • Are travellers changing behaviour with new fare and class structures, and the reduced FF miles associated with them?
  • How is the use of Basic Economy blurring the lines between legacy and LCC airlines?
Moderator: MW Travel Consultancy, Principal, Martin Warner Panel Members:
  • Association of Corporate Travel Executives, Executive Director, Greeley Koch
  • JetBlue Airways, Vice President Sales and Revenue Management, David Clark
  • Sykes, Director Global Finance, Travel Services, Al Mazzola
  • Teplis Travel Service, Senior Vice President Business Development, Phil Crofton
  • Travelport, Acting Vice President Americas, Air Commerce, Craig Banks
Skyscanner General Manager, the Americas, Shane Corstorphine talks about airline improvement in mobile optimisation, the role voice technology could play in mobile booking and challenges airlines face in adopting new technologies.