CAPA Airline Leader Summit - Airlines in Transition 2024

Granada, Spain
7-8 Mar 2024

Day 2 - Friday 8 March 2024


Chairperson’s Welcome


Airline Leader Interview

IAG, CEO, Luis Gallego

Interviewer: JLS Consulting, Director, John Strickland


Operations Overview: The Evolution of Airline Nerve Centres {Download Presentation}

CAE, Director of Product Management, Flight Operations Platform, Zoran Savic


Operations Panel - Best business model for managing operations

Join industry leaders as they examine the challenges, regulatory nuances and processes for delivering airline operational businesses. Gain invaluable insights into navigating the complexities of operations, optimising efficiency, and capitalising on emerging opportunities. Seize the chance to interact with experts shaping the future of aviation operations around the world.

  • How can aviation businesses align their operations with evolving regulatory frameworks?
  • In what ways can technology be leveraged to enhance operational efficiency?
  • How can collaboration and partnerships be strategically utilised to overcome regional challenges?
  • What key trends and innovations should businesses be mindful of when structuring their operations?

Moderator: CAE, Head of Sales & Account Management EMEA, Paul Reilly


Flyvbird, Founder, Tomislav Lang

Air Europa, Chief Technical Officer, Pedro Macías Domínguez

TUI, Director of Airline Operations, Brendan Kelly

TAP Air Portugal, Senior Director, Operations, Strategy & Performance, Duarte Afonso


Airline Leader Interview

Ryanair, CEO, Eddie Wilson

Aviation Advocacy, MD, Andrew Charlton


Coffee break & Networking


Airport operation panel – what is the state of best practice and are we prepared for future shocks?

All was not well with aviation in the post-pandemic recovery period, with high-profile delays and cancellations putting a spotlight on the challenges of airport operations. While circumstances are normalising and operations are stabilising, what are the lessons that need to be drawn from the challenges of the last few years?

  • How are airports dealing with rapid upticks in demand?
  • How are airports collaborating and communicating with their diverse stakeholders – airlines, passengers, ATC providers, regulators, owners and others – to manage their sometimes contradictory requirements?
  • What technologies and operational structures are being adopted to ensure efficient communication and coordination, both internally and with external sources?
  • What are the best practices that have emerged in dealing with irregular operations and other events?
  • Are airports positioned to deal with future operational shocks?

Moderator: ASM World Route Development, Managing Director, Dave Stroud


iGA Istanbul Airport, Chief Planning Officer Ismail Polat

Munich Airport International, Managing Director, Lorenzo Di Loreto

AENA, Head of Operations & Airport Development, Rafael Fernández Villasante

Finavia, SVP Route Development, Petri Vuori


Chairperson’s wrap up

CAPA - Centre for Aviation, Content & Marketing Director, Marco Navarria


Closing Lunch & Networking