CAPA Airline Leader Summit - Airlines in Transition 2024

Granada, Spain
7-8 Mar 2024

Day 1 – Thursday 7 March 2024


Registration, Networking & Coffee


Chairperson’s Welcome


Host Welcome

Granada City Hall, Mayor of Granada, Marifrán Carazo

The President of the Granada Tourism Board, Francisco Rodriguez

Government of Andalucía, Secretary General for Tourism, Yolanda de Aguilar


CAPA Outlook: State of the Industry {Download Presentation}

CAPA - Centre for Aviation, Chief Financial Analyst, Jonathan Wober


CAPA Unconference: A CEO Forum 

The aviation community will gather for a dynamic session that embraces the spirit of collaboration and innovation as industry leaders come together in an open forum designed to engage in spontaneous discussions, share breakthrough ideas and explore the uncharted territories of aviation.

This session will allow participants and audience members to be more involved in the conference, suggesting and leading discussions on topics they are passionate about, encouraging dynamic exchanges, all the while defying traditional conference structures.

Join us for a unique experience that transcends the ordinary and will propel the industry to new heights.

Moderator: Aviation Advocacy, MD, Andrew Charlton


easyJet, DG for south of Europe and President of ALA, Javier Gándara

Riyadh Air, CEO, Tony Douglas

airBaltic, CEO, Martin Gauss

Tus Airways, CEO, Ahmed Aly


Coffee Break & Networking


Hybridisation – are all airlines going to meet in the middle?

The increasing commodisation and segmentation of air travel is seeing the once sharp differentiation between full-service airlines and low cost carriers become increasingly blurred. As the industry grapples with growing costs, slowing business travel and new premium travel demand, is it inevitable that all airlines and their models are going to converge around a hybrid model? 

  • Can airlines embrace low-cost thinking while still offering a distinct premium product and experience? 
  • What models are emerging as the most successful in the post-pandemic period?

Moderator: Spotnana, VP of Business Development for Content Distribution, Johnny Thorsen


Transavia, CEO, Marcel de Nooijer

Air Serbia, CEO, Jiri Marek

Play, CCO, Sonja Arnorsdottir

Vueling, CCO, Carolyn Prowse


The expanding role of leasing firms in aviation financing

Leasing companies played a key role in keeping the airline industry afloat during the pandemic, via record numbers of sale and lease back agreements and other arrangements. Airlines are starting to turn profitable once again, but regional progress is highly differentiated and elevated debt and poor credit metrics are common in the industry. At the same time, new aircraft deliveries are increasing and will need financing of more than USD100 billion p/a.

  • How are funding strategies changing now that cheap debt is increasingly a thing of the past?
  • What impact are ESG trends and net zero targets having on the aviation finance market?
  • How are recent innovations in financing changing the structure of the market?

Moderator: CAPA - Centre for Aviation, Chief Financial Analyst, Jonathan Wober


Bernstein, Equity Research Analyst and Director, European Transport, Alex Irving

Avolon, Chief Risk Officer, Jim Morrison

TAP, CFO, Gonçalo Pires

LOT, Director Fleet, Maciej Dziudzik


Introduction to lunch

iCoupon, Director of Sales, Viktoriya Soubra


Lunch Break & Networking


Evolving airline network planning strategies: Understanding changing traveller patterns 

Airlines are redefining their criteria to selected routes and they expect new support mechanisms from airports and service providers. Whether full service or LCC, focused on domestic or international, airlines across all business models have pivoted part of their networks during the pandemic as travel patterns have shifted. 

Airlines have been creative with their network planning, launching new routes and chasing the existing demand, but whether these routes will remain part of their networks as the recovery process is yet to be seen.

  • What strategies are network planners utilising in 2024?
  • What shifts are under way in the way that operators approach network planning in the near to medium term?
  • How will the slower recovery in business travel impact flight frequency as question marks remain over the scale of recovery in this area?
  • Will the strength of hubs be diluted by travellers seeking more point-to-point options?
  • Will changing fleet structures influence future network strategies?
  • Will sustainability become an increasing factor in the route selection criteria

Moderator: JLS Consulting, Director, John Strickland


Air Nostrum, Network Planning & Scheduling Director, Miguel Oliver

Oman Air, Member of Board, António Menezes

Manchester Airports Group, Head of Group Strategy, Adam Andrews


Technology and digitalisation – who is leading the transformation?

The air travel sector continues to embrace new technology to enhance operational performance, enhance selling opportunities and revenue generation, improve the passenger experience and reduce the sectors environmental impact. But, the industry seems to be uncertain about whether it needs to be a leader or a follower when it comes to innovation in digital spaces.

  • What are the areas of spending priority for digital transformation for 2024 and beyond?
  • Digital transformation is a major priority for airlines and airports, but is there a disconnect between the appetite for digital initiatives and the pace of change for the majority of the travel industry?
  • What models are being adopted for digitalisation? Is the industry better off being led by third parties, developing technology on its own or taking partnership and hybrid approaches?

Moderator: Spotnana, VP of Business Development for Content Distribution, Johnny Thorsen 


IBS Software, VP and Head of Europe & Africa, Ben Simmons

Thoughtworks, Europe Market Technology Director, Chris Ford

Flyadeal, Head of Marketing & Digital, Jalal Alqattan

Amadeus, Director of Product Management, Commercial Excellence Product Portfolio for Airlines, Robert Booth


Coffee break & Networking


Sustainability and environmental initiatives – where is progress being made?

Progress towards greater sustainability is now a major driver of airline strategy, whether it’s facing customers, suppliers or regulators. Airlines have ambitious climate goals and are pursuing a multi-pronged approach to achieving them. Yet, the industry’s credibility around sustainability remains marginal in the eyes of many and how the industry will achieve its sustainability targets, and whether it can afford the cost of doing so, are still open questions.

  • What are the most promising avenues for reducing emissions in the short-to-medium term?
  • Will the transition of the industry towards net-zero be one that is evolutionary or revolutionary?
  • How are traveller attitudes towards sustainability changing? Is the passenger showing more willingness to pay extra needed to travel in a more sustainable way?
  • How does the industry finance the transition towards net-zero and where does the burden of financing fall?
  • Is one airline operating model better for sustainability than another?

Moderator: CAPA - Centre for Aviation, European Content Editor,  Rich Maslen


Airbus, SVP Sustainability Roadmap and Business Integration, Andreas Hermann

IAG, Group Head of Sustainability, Jonathon Counsell

Neste Renewable Aviation, VP Renewable Aviation Business, Alexander Kueper

KLM, SVP Strategy & Sustainability, Zita Schellekens