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US DoT reports delays continue to worsen


US Department of Transportation (DoT) reports delays in the US National Aviation System have become progressively worse over the past few years, with 2007 airline delays the second worst since the DoT began to compile statistics in 1995. Both aircraft delays and cancellation rates have been climbing, while on-time arrivals levels have been slipping. [1937 words]

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  • The NextGen solution
  • Spiralling fuel costs may lessen some congestion
  • NextGen adoption stalling
  • Removal of managers at Dallas Fort Worth TRACON
  • New safety head for Air Traffic Organisation
  • Associate Administrator for commercial space transportation appointed
  • New departure tracks for Chicago O’Hare

Graphs and data:

  • On time arrival rates (%) among 20 US airlines: 1995 to 2007
  • US airline on time arrival (%): Mar-08
  • Delay cause among weather (% of total delays): 2003-2007
  • WTI oil spot price: 29-Sep-04 to 29-Apr-08
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