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Start-ups - Airlines failing faster than they are starting, but some new entrants appearing


The global economic turmoil may have claimed over 30 airlines in 2008, but there are still some brave airlines planning to enter the market in 2009, taking advantage of lower fuel and aircraft costs. In this update, we review the start-up plans of carriers based in China (China Joy Airlines and Kunming Airlines), East Timor (Timor Air), Philippines (SEAIR and Spirit of Manila), Kuwait (Wataniya Airways), Greece (Athens Airways), Italy (Lufthansa Italia), Russia (Rosavia), Bolivia (Boliviana de Aviacion), South Africa (Airtime Airlines) and Togo (ASKY). [2542 words]

Unlock the following content in this report:


  • Greece: Athens Airways receives first aircraft
  • Italy: Lufthansa launches Lufthansa Italia
  • Russia: Rosavia officially registered
  • South Africa: Airtime Airlines plans Jan-09 launch
  • Togo: ASKY to make maiden flight in Apr-09
  • China: China Eastern to sell 30% stake in planned start-up, China Joy Air; to commence service in Mar-09
  • China: Kunming Airlines to commence service in 1Q09
  • East Timor: Timor Air set to take to the skies in Feb-09
  • Philippines: SEAIR to launch operations in Apr-09
  • Philippines: Spirit of Manila Airlines to launch service in Mar-09
  • Kuwait: Kuwait's skies more crowded with Wataniya Airways launch
  • Argentina: BQB to operate in South America?
  • Bolivia: Bolivia Government to launch new state airline, Boliviana de Aviacion

Graphs and data:

  • Athens Airways destination map: Jan-09
  • ASKY livery
  • ASKY planned destination map: Jan-09
  • Timor Air website: Jan-09
  • Wataniya Airways fleet plan
  • Middle East carriers' A320 seating configurations
  • Boliviana de Aviacion livery
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