US Airways and Sabre in spat over press release language

US Airways confirmed that it has signed multi-year agreements with Sabre and Travelocity, the company's online travel agency, but has taken exception to the language used by Sabre in the press release, continuing the ongoing war of words between US airlines and online travel distributors. US Airways stated it "disclaims any characterisations by Sabre of US Airways' views of Sabre, Travelocity, or US Airways' relationships with those companies".

In its press release, Sabre president Greg Webb said that US Airways "recognises the value of the Sabre global distribution system and our innovative leadership in helping airlines market and sell their products, including ancillaries, to millions of travellers worldwide".

Travel distributors Amadeus and Expedia finished trading on Thursday stronger, while World Fuel Services Corp gained 2.7%.

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