Iran to purchase 19 aircraft; Ethiopian Airlines select Mxi Technologies for maintenance

Iran's Roads and Transportation Minister, Hamid Behbahan, reportedly stated Iran plans to purchase 13 Boeing and six Airbus passenger aircraft in the near future. "Five Boeing MD planes (out of 13 planes) have already been imported and the rest of the planes will arrive in the country soon," the Minister said.

Middle East shares were mostly on the rise with Royal Jordanian (+0.7%), Air Arabia (+0.8%) and Jazeera Airways (+5.2%) shares up while Kuwait National Airways (-2.2%) lost ground.

Unlisted Ethiopian Airlines selected Mxi Technologies to provide its Maintenix software for maintenance management of its fleet.

African shares on the other hand were on a steady decline with 1time (-2.6%), Comair (-1%) and Kenya Airways (-1%) shares down while Lonrho remained stable.

Selected African and Middle Eastern airlines share price movements (% change): 26-Aug-2010