Boeing and Airbus end 2009 with solid ordering – Suppliers Share Wrap

Boeing’s latest update to its orders and deliveries website revealed what must be a pleasing end to 2009 for the US manufacturer. Not only did All Nippon Airways order five B767s and five B777s but “Unidentified Customer(s)” also placed orders for 24 B737s and 11 B787s.

However, the manufacturer has not been able to escape the spectre of cancellations, with unidentified customers cutting orders for three B737s and three B777s in the month to 22-Dec-2009.

Boeing finished 2009 with 142 net orders

Boeing ended 2009 with 259 gross orders. However, 118 cancellations have seen the net total plummet to 141 for the year. Most heavily affected by cancellations has been Boeing’s new B787, which finally flew for the first time in Dec-2009. The new aircraft suffered 83 cancellations in 2009. Also affected was the B777 programme, which suffered ten cancellations over the year.

Proportionally, narrowbodies accounted for the strongest ordering at Boeing, with 193 gross and 174 net orders for the year, or approximately three quarters of all orders. 19 B737s were struck off Boeing’s order book by airlines over the year.

Airbus ends 2009 with over 280 net orders

Major competitor, Airbus, was less heavily affected than Boeing by cancellations last year. The European manufacturer had 225 net orders to the end of Nov-2009, but a strong December has seen the manufacturer near its target of 300 (gross) orders for the year. LAN Airlines ordered 30 A320s, Malaysia Airlines ordered 15 A330s and China Eastern Airlines ordered 16 A330s in Dec-2009.

Record deliveries likely in 2010

Aircraft output has been reduced by both manufacturers, but only marginally. 2009 promises to be a record year for aircraft deliveries, approaching 500 from both manufacturers. 2010 deliveries are forecast to be somewhat slower, although production decisions on output levels are locked in well in advance, meaning that if production is to be slowed further, it will not be until at least 2H2010.

In trading on Friday, Boeing dropped 1.5%, ending the year 19.6% higher overall. EADS gained 2.8% in trading, ending the year 11.6% higher.

Selected Aviation suppliers’ daily share price movements (% change): 31-Dec-09