Aircraft suppliers rally on generally stronger equity markets. Boeing, Embraer and MTU lead the way

Major aircraft equipment manufacturers and suppliers rose with stronger equity market conditions in Europe and the US yesterday. Boeing gained 3.2%, after the successful test flight of its B747-8F on Monday, while Embraer was up 3%.

MTU Aero Engines and Roll-Royce gaines 3.1% and 1.7% respectively. The exception was Airbus' parent, EADS, which is still being affected by the uncertain fate of the A400M programme. Shares in the European aerospace company dipped 1.5% yesterday.

Aircastle shares rallied strongly, closing 5.9% higher at USD9.12 per share. After hitting a 16-month high of USD11.32 per share in mid-Jan-2010, the stock has slid steadily. As of 30-Sep-2009, Aircastle's aircraft portfolio consisted of 128 aircraft, with 60 lessees located in 34 countries.

Other leasing companies fell, with most down by approximately 1%. The exception was Babcock & Brown Air, which rose 0.5%, continuing a modest three-day rally.

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Selected Aviation suppliers’ daily share price movements (% change): 09-Feb-2010