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Jet Airways appoints new CEO, achieves industrial peace, shares on a roll


Jet Airways announced the appointment of Nikos Kardassis as Acting CEO, to replace Wolfgang Prock-Schauer, who has resigned, effective 15-Oct-2009, to become CEO of British Midland PLC (bmi). Mr Prock-Schauer, an Austrian national, became CEO of Jet Airways in Jun-2003 and will replace Nigel Turner at bmi, who will become Deputy Chairman of the UK carrier. [1137 words]

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  • New capital raising approved
  • Alliance with Kingfisher still a fledgling
  • Peace with pilots, at a price
  • Aug-2009 traffic showed some improvement
  • But the LCC off-shoot is set for growth

Graphs and data:

  • Jet Airways domestic passenger numbers and passenger number growth: Aug-08 to Aug-09
  • Jet Airways’ market share: Aug-2006 to Aug-2009
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