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End of an era: Ryanair continues shift away from UK/Ireland


Ryanair, the second largest carrier in the UK, announced plans to reduce UK winter capacity by 16% from Nov-2010, stating the decision will result in the loss of more than 2 million passengers at UK airports over winter 2010 on a year-on-year basis. [2080 words]

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  • London Stansted’s largest carrier to reduce winter capacity by 17%
  • Edinburgh and Leeds safe from capacity reduction
  • Ryanair blames tourist tax
  • Changing strategy: move away from 'high-tax, high-cost countries' to concentrate on Continental Europe 
  • Key pillars of strategy: keep costs low, aircraft utilisation high
  • easyJet also moving away from high-cost airports
  • End of an era – Ryanair's model shifting

Graphs and data:

  • UK capacity share (seats) by carrier: Jul-2010
  • Ryanair current route network from London Stansted
  • London Stansted capacity (seats): Jul-2010
  • Ryanair’s Top 30 bases (By seats): Jul-2010
  • Air Passenger Duty Rates
  • Ryanair base growth announcements: Jan-2010 to Jul-2010
  • Select European carrier single-aisle aircraft utilisation: 2009
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