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Colombia sits atop airport investment prospects in CIVETS countries


The latest trendy acronym after BRIC and N11 is CIVETS; a gaggle of widely dispersed countries (Colombia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Egypt, Turkey and South Africa) that are all dynamic and diverse emerging economies with inflation under control and sophisticated financial systems with an absence of "sovereign debt bombs". [1757 words]

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  • Violence curtailed, infrastructure needs to grow
  • Stark contrast with Venezuela
  • Extreme tourism
  • New Bogota airport confirmed
  • Bogota El Dorado Airport data from CAPA profiles
  • Concessions, concessions
  • Chinese keen on future investment

Graphs and data:

  • Chart 1: Bogota Eldorado Airport capacity (seats per week, to/from) by carrier (25-Apr-2011 to 01-May-2011)
  • Chart 2: Bogota Eldorado Airport international vs. domestic capacity share (25-Apr-2011 to 01-May-2011)
  • Chart 3: Bogota Eldorado Airport capacity share by carrier type (25-Apr-2011 to 01-May-2011)
  • Chart 4: Bogota Eldorado Airport capacity share by alliance (25-Apr-2011 to 01-May-2011)
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