CAPA Explains - Money Flows in the Aviation Industry

Intended Audiences: The audiences that will benefit from the CAPA Explains series include –

  • Airlines;
  • Travel technology companies, such as GDS, NDC providers and new aggregators, online booking tool providers in corporate travel (OBTs);
  • Travel intermediaries – agents, OTAs, TMCs, wholesalers and tour operators;
  • Other travel category vendors;
  • Corporate customers – travel managers, buyers, procurement and ESG stakeholders;
  • Travellers.

Benefits of Purchasing

  • Gain access and knowledge to all areas of change affecting each topic/edition:
    • Consolidate your learning in one place, at your fingertips and without the need for self-directed research;
  • Save time and therefore money in researching important topics;
  • Gain insights that help you develop your strategy to benefit, or mitigate negative implications of the changes occurring in the travel distribution ecosystem;
  • Utilise CAPA’s extensive research, industry knowledge and externally sourced expertise related to the ever-changing travel distribution ecosystem;
  • Understand the changes in travel distribution in a simple, single, clear, and concise manner.

Introducing Edition 1 - Money Flows in the Aviation Industry (and the implications of change on all constituents in the ecosystem)

  • Explaining the dynamics of aviation money flows:
    • How have they worked in the past?
    • What has been changing?
      • When, the amounts and the impacts in the ecosystem.
    • What has happened in the last weeks and months?
    • Why have money flows changed?
    • Who is implicated and by what scale in the ecosystem?
      • Airlines (principals), GDS & travel technology vendors, intermediaries (agents / TMC’s etc), online booking tool providers in corporate travel (OBTs), customers and travellers
    • What might happen next?
    • Winners & losers in the changes.

This is a must read first edition which represents a single source to understand the money flows and how historic, recent and future changes are impacting EVERY part of the ecosystem.

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