17-Dec-2009 9:52 AM

WestJet adds new routes, expands service on seasonal routes

WestJet unveiled (16-Dec-2009) its flight schedule for the Summer of 2010, featuring five new routes and expanded service on 19 routes.

  • New routes include:
  • Expanded routes from seasonal to year-round service:
    • Vancouver-Los Angeles: Daily from 01-Jun-2010;
    • Vancouver-Puerto Vallarta: Weekly from 08-May-2010;
    • Vancouver-Cancun: Weekly from 08-May-2010;
    • Edmonton-Cancun: Weekly from 02-May-2010;
    • Calgary-Phoenix: Three times weekly from 02-Jun-2010;
    • Calgary-Palm Springs: Twice weekly from 03-Jun-2010;
    • Calgary-Cancun: Twice weekly from 05-May-2010;
    • Toronto-Atlantic City: Daily from 02-May-2010;
    • Toronto-Miami: Daily from 02-May-2010;
    • Toronto-Cancun: Three times weekly from 02-May-2010;
    • Toronto-Bridgetown: Five times weekly from 03-May-2010;
    • Toronto-Puerto Plata: Weekly from 07-May-2010;
    • Toronto-Cayo Coco: Weekly from 08-May-2010;
    • Toronto-Varadero: Five times weekly from 08-May-2010;
    • Toronto-St Lucia: Twice weekly from 02-May-2010;
    • Toronto-Providenciales: Weekly from 08-May-2010;
    • Toronto-St Maarten: Weekly from 02-May-2010;
    • Montreal-Las Vegas: Twice weekly from 02-May-2010;
    • Montreal-Cancun: Twice weekly from 05-May-2010 - see Route Changes Table for more information. [more]