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Virgin Blue announces John Borghetti as new CEO

2-Mar-2010 10:12 AM

Virgin Blue appointed (01-Mar-2010) former Qantas executive, John Borghetti, as the company’s new CEO and Managing Director, effective 08-May-2010. While the broad terms of Mr Borghetti’s employment have been agreed, various terms of the incentive components of his remuneration are still being finalised. A further announcement will be made once terms are completed. [more]

Virgin Blue: “It’s a great business with a great team and great culture – you can feel the energy in the people and the brand. The company is in good shape and is exceptionally well placed to build on its strengths and embrace revenue growth opportunities ahead. I look forward to working with the team to create an even more competitive environment for air travellers – domestic and international,” John Borghetti, newly appointed CEO. Source: Virgin Blue, 02-Mar-2010.