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Virgin Atlantic submits its response on DoJ comments to DoT

12-Jan-2010 8:49 AM

Virgin Atlantic repeated its request that the US Department of Transportation reject the proposed trans-Atlantic agreement between American Airlines and British Airways, as well as three other oneworld alliance carriers, as it considers such an alliance as anticompetitive. Virgin Atlantic also called for imposition of additional competition safeguards if an alliance is approved. American Airlines and British Airways have applied for anti-trust immunity to form a JV to coordinate their trans-Atlantic operations, including scheduling and pricing. [more] [more - Perspective]

Virgin Atlantic: "Now two competition authorities have voiced their concerns over the proposed BA/AA alliance, we renew our call on the regulators to reject these anti-competitive proposals. The competition authorities have thoroughly scrutinized the proposals in an effort to safeguard competition in the interests of consumers. Having done so, both the authorities on opposite sides of the Atlantic have cited concerns. These concerns are absolutely justified and the alliance should not be given the go-ahead," Sir Richard Branson, President. Source: Company statement, 11-Jan-2010.