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US LCCs report operating profit in 1Q2010, network airlines continue to report losses

29-Jun-2010 12:44 PM

US Bureau of Transportation Statistics (BTS) released its Airline Financial Data for the three months ended 31-Mar-2010, which showed LCC and regional airline groups reporting operating profits during the period while the network airlines group reported its second consecutive quarterly loss. Details are as follows:

  • Operating revenue: USD29,167 million, n/a year-on-year;
    • Network: USD22,752 million;
    • Regional: USD1,546 million;
    • LCC: USD4,869 million;
  • Ancillary*: USD1,857 million, -1.0%;
    • Delta**: USD592.1 million, +61.2%;
  • Operating costs: USD29,155 million, n/a;
    • Network: USD22,915 million;
    • Regional: USD1,486 million;
    • LCC: USD4,754 million;
  • Operating profit (loss): USD12.0 million;
    • Regional: USD60 million;
    • LCC: USD115 million;
    • Network: (USD163 million);
  • Revenue per ASM: USD 13.7 cents, +7.9%;
    • Network: USD 14.6 cents, +9.0%;
    • Regional: USD 12.3 cents, -11.5%;
    • LCC: USD 10.8 cents, +10.2%;
  • Costs per ASM: USD 13.7 cents, +5.4%;
    • Network: USD 14.7 cents, +5.8%;
    • Regional: USD 11.8 cents, -11.3%;
    • LCC: USD 10.6 cents, +11.6%. [more]

*Includes baggage fees, reservation change fees and miscellaneous operating revenues including sales of frequent flyer award miles to airline business partners
**Delta commenced reporting combined figures with Northwest Airlines from 1Q2010-06-29