16-May-2013 7:16 AM

US airlines collect USD3.5bn in baggage fees, USD2.6bn in reservation change fees in 2012

US Department of Transportation stated (14-May-2013) US airlines collected more than USD6 billion in baggage and reservation change fees from passengers in 2012, the highest amount since the fees became commonplace five years ago.This was broken down to USD3.5 billion in baggage fees and USD2.6 billion in reservation change fees. Airlines ranked by 2012 baggage fee revenue is as follows:

  • Delta Air Lines: USD865.9 million;
  • United Airlines: USD705.5 million;
  • American Airlines: USD557.4 million;
  • US Airways: USD516.2 million;
  • Spirit: USD168.2 million;
  • Alaska: USD151.5 million;
  • Southwest*: USD145.5 million;
  • Allegiant: USD90.0 million;
  • JetBlue: USD70.8 million;
  • Frontier: USD70.2 million;
  • Hawaiian: USD67.8 million;
  • Virgin America: USD57.4 million;
  • Sun Country: USD14.5 million;
  • AirTran*: USD4.2 million;
  • Mesa: USD3.3 million;
  • USA 3000: USD2.0 million;
  • Total: USD3486.9 million. [more - original PR]

* The merged Southwest and AirTran began reporting jointly in 2Q2012. Previous numbers, including 1Q2012, were reported separately.