1-Dec-2010 10:10 AM

UKAB announces lowest airprox incidents in a decade

UK Airprox Board (UKAB) announced (30-Nov-2010) the number of reported airprox incidents involving commercial passenger jets in 2009 hit a 10-year low. An airprox is a situation where a pilot or air traffic controller feels a loss of separation between aircraft may have compromised safety. UKAB said that year-on-year airspace conflicts involving one or more commercial aircraft had almost halved, with only 35 incidents in 2009 compared with 61 in 2008. Of these, only a single incident was judged to be possibly risk-bearing. None were placed in the most serious category – that involving a genuine risk of collision. Overall, airprox incidents, which also include military and private aircraft, declined in 2009, down to 147 from 155 in 2008. [more]