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UK Climate Change Committee announces recommendations

9-Sep-2009 11:30 AM

UK Climate Change Committee recommended airline emissions be capped at 2005 levels by 2050, to allow the Group of Eight nations to meet their target to cut greenhouse gases by 50% (Bloomberg, 09-Sep-2009). An initial target of limiting airline emissions in 2020 to 95% of 2005 levels was also recommended. Greenhouse gas emissions from aviation and shipping were not included in the 1997 Kyoto protocol, but will be addressed at the upcoming Copenhagen Summit on Climate Change. The Committee also reportedly plans to challenge the government’s approval of a third runway at London Heathrow Airport.

UK Climate Change Committee: “It is vital that an agreement capping global aviation emissions is part of a Copenhagen deal. We are calling for a cap that would not require people to fly less than today but would constrain aviation emissions growth going forward,” David Kennedy, CEO. Source: Bloomberg, 09-Sep-2009.