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UAC to delay Superjet 100 deliveries; may resume production of the An-124

29-Dec-2009 12:29 PM

United Aircraft Corporation (UAC) stated deliveries of the Superjet 100 have been delayed indefinitely, as the engines for the aircraft, produced by Saturn and Safran, are not yet ready (Moscow Times, 29-Dec-2009). Saturn stated the engines are currently undergoing documentation and testing. UAC added that it may resume production of the An-124, the world’s largest mass-produced cargo aircraft. UAC also stated it delivered 90 aircraft in 2009, including 17 passenger models.

United Aircraft Corporation: “Sukhoi is in talks with the buyers about new time frames for delivery of these planes. The engine makers have shifted the timetable of certification…it turned out they were not ready. I think the problems were indeed technical and a new engine is being developed,” Alexei Fyodorov, Director General. Source: Moscow Times, 29-Dec-2009.