23-May-2011 12:28 PM

TSA chief says security screening will be 'smarter' in next decade

US Transportation Security Administration chief John Pistole stated the next 10 years of security screenings will focus on operational assessments to “stay ahead of tomorrow’s threats” (aviationweek.com, 19-May-2011). Mr Pistole stated screening will be “smarter” and the TSA will be guided by the philosophy that “we can mitigate risk” but never fully eliminate it. The new risk-based security programme, which will identify passengers as low-risk on the condition they surrender their personal information, will be enhanced as TSA reviews current procedures and technology. In the coming months, TSA officers will use an identity-based system to verify the identity and employment status of pilots against carrier employee databases. Testing is underway at some airports for this programme. Flight attendants are under consideration for a future phase.