16-Nov-2011 9:14 AM

Tiger Australia increases daily service to 32 sectors

Tiger Airways Australia announced (15-Nov-2011) it has been granted regulatory approval to increase its Australian domestic services from 22 to 32 sectors per day. A new flight schedule incorporating this increased capacity will be implemented ahead of Christmas, which includes: 

  • A second daily Melbourne-Perth service;
  • A fourth daily Melbourne-Brisbane service;
  • A third daily Melbourne-Gold Coast service;
  • Up to two extra daily Melbourne-Sydney services, taking the daily total up to seven services.

Singapore-based Tiger Airways Holdings, Tiger Airways Australia parent, said on 13-Nov-2011 the Australian unit is unable to be profitable when limited to just 22 daily services (AAP, 15-Nov-2011). Tiger Australia made an operating loss of AUD20.7 million in the three months to 30-Sep-2011, the period in which it was ground by Australian regulators. [more - original PR - Tiger Airways Australia] [more - original PR - Tiger Airways Holdings]