21-Jan-2011 12:26 PM

Southwest could switch from all-Boeing to mixed fleet

Southwest Airlines CEO Gary Kelly stated it would consider acquiring Airbus aircraft for the first time if Boeing does not develop a more fuel-efficient version of the B737 (Financial Times/Dow Jones/Associated Press, 20-Jan-2011). Mr Kelly added that Boeing had indicated a decision would be made in mid-2011. The CEO also stated the carrier would be comfortable operating a fleet of three different aircraft types. Southwest is the largest B737 customer with a fleet of almost 550 B737s. The carrier will also acquire B717 aircraft when it acquires AirTran Airways.

Southwest Airlines: “Based on what they tell us I think we will have to evaluate our options like any business people. If they told us we will not see a more fuel-efficient 737 for 20 years that would probably cause us to do something,” Gary Kelly, CEO. Source: Financial Times, 20-Jan-2011.