16-Nov-2009 9:26 AM

Senegal Airlines to launch "early 2010"; fleet to be announced today

Senegal Airlines unveiled (15-Nov-2009) details of its start-up plans at the Dubai Air Show, as follows:

  • Country of origin: The carrier will become the new national carrier of the Republic of Senegal, to "commercially exploit the gap left with the departure of Air Senegal International";
  • Launch: Early 2010;
  • Capital: Founding capital of USD34 million;
  • Fleet: Will initially operate a fleet of leased aircraft. The carrier stated that a fleet plan that includes "new, modern single-aisle medium range and wide-body long-range airliners" will be announced today (16-Nov-2009);
  • Ownership: Will operate under the Group Air Senegal (GAS) umbrella. The Senegal Government will retain a minority stake in Senegal Airlines (16%), with the remaining ownership divided between the public sector (15%), the airline's employees (5%) and the private sector (majority 64% stake holding), which includes ownership by some private investment firms and individuals;
  • Daily operations: The Senegal Government will not take part in the daily running of the new carrier. The carrier has appointed an acting CEO, Modou Khaya;
  • Network: The carrier plans to operate "from Senegal to Africa and Europe. The airline is expected to gradually introduce a comprehensive network from Dakar to more than 20 destinations that will include regional capitals, such as Abidjan, Bamako and Banjul, as well as other major points in West Africa - such as Accra and Lagos. Intercontinental services will ultimately reach Paris, Milan and Brussels amongst others;
  • Configuration: Will offer a two-class cabin on all flights. [more]