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Senators release statement after O'Hare modernisation meeting

11-Feb-2011 9:54 AM

US’ Senators Dick Durbin and Mark Kirk released a statement after their meeting with United Airlines and American Airlines to discuss the modernisation programme of Chicago O’Hare International Airport (, 10-Feb-2011).

US Senators: "The O'Hare modernisation is critical to current and future economic growth in Chicago and remains our state's largest jobs initiative. For the sake of Illinois jobs and economic growth, it is essential that both parties work together. We will remain dedicated to determining a path forward and working with the Mayor, the airlines and the Secretary to resolve this issue.” Dick Durbin and Mark Kirk, US Senators. Source: Press Statement, 10-Feb-2011.

Meanwhile the carriers announced they have agreed to delay a hearing on their lawsuit at the request of the US Department of Transportation. The hearing is rescheduled for 01-Mar-2011.