17-May-2011 2:17 PM

Ryanair meets with COMAC, Irkut and Sukhoi

Ryanair has met with officials from Chinese aircraft manufacturer COMAC about future narrowbody orders, CFO Howard Millar stated (BusinessWorld.ie, 16-May-2011). The LCC operates a fleet of 270 Boeing 737-800s, with 39 on firm order, according to Ascend data. Mr Millar said Ryanair had also met two Russian manufacturers, Irkut and Sukhoi. Responding to a question about purchasing aircraft from less-well known manufacturers, the CFO said Ryanair “would do anything seriously that would save us money".

Ryanair: "We have met with the Chinese aviation company. We are also meeting with other aircraft manufacturers. We have no plans for any future aircraft orders, but beyond the horizon, 2014 and 2015, we need to look at some fleet replacement and some growth, and we are meeting with all manufacturers to discuss what they have to offer." Howard Millar, CFO. Source: BusinessWorld.ie, 16-May-2011.