7-Sep-2009 8:54 AM

Ryanair increases check-in bag allowance, increased baggage fees

Ryanair announced (04-Sep-2009) a series of changes to its baggage policies and charges, effective 01-Oct-2009. The carrier stated the changes reflect the fact that Ryanair’s average fares have fallen by 20% this year, from EUR40 to EUR32. Changes include

  • Checked baggage allowance: Will be increased from one to two checked in bags. Each bag will have a separate 15 kg allowance which will allow passengers to travel with up to 30 kg of checked in baggage, double the current allowance;
  • Checked bag and excess baggage fees: Increased checked in baggage and excess baggage fees, as part of the airline's programme to encourage passengers to travel with carry on luggage only:
    • First checked bag fee: EUR/GBP15 (Internet or EUR/GBP30 at airport)
    • Second bag: EUR/GBP35 (EUR/GBP70 at the airport);
    • Sports equipment: EUR/GBP40 (EUR/GBP50 at the airport);
    • Excess baggage fee: EUR/GBP20 per kg. [more]