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Ryanair announces suspension of Italian domestic flights from 23-Jan-2010 - ENAC warns of penalties

29-Dec-2009 10:48 AM

ENAC, the Italian Civil Aviation Authority, stated Ryanair would have to pay penalties if it temporarily suspends domestic services at ten Italian airports from 23-Jan-2010 due to security concerns related to check-in documentation (Reuters, 28-Dec-2009). Societa Aeroporto Toscano (SAT), which operates Pisa Airport, stated Ryanair had a contractual obligation to meet certain passenger targets. [more - Ryanair]

Meanwhile, ENAC stated its airport management unit at Rome Fiumicino International Airport has disbursed three administrative sanctions, totaling EUR110,000, to easyJet, for inefficiencies linked to delays and cancellations of flights from Fiumicino to Lamezia Terme in recent days.