8-Apr-2011 12:02 PM

Royal Jordanian to deploy Airbus on Euro routes, Boeing in US and Embraers domestically

Royal Jordanian Airlines CEO Hussein Dabbas stated the carrier would operate its North America routes with Boeing aircraft and its European routes with Airbus equipment (eTN, 07-Apr-2011). Embraer aircraft would likely be used for domestic routes.

Royal Jordanian Airlines: “We always have a plan for a worst-case scenario. If you look at our history, look at the last few years, something pops up around the world, and we end up paying a big price for it, whether [it be] the war in Lebanon, or the conflict between the Palestinians and Israelis, now in Egypt, Tripoli, Yemen, and Iraq. We've always had problems. We have a lot of contingency plans - whether it be the volcano in Iceland, the snowstorms in the UK, sandstorms in Kuwait, we always have an issue. We have plans, so we keep them in the doors until something pops up, then we activate them," Hussein H Dabbas, CEO. Source: eTN, 07-Apr-2011.