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Rio de Janeiro GIG and Belo Horizonte CNF concession grants approved by audit court

13-Sep-2013 12:22 PM

Brazil's Rio de Janeiro Galeão International Airport and Belo Horizonte Tancredo Neves International Airport's upcoming concession grants received (12-Sep-2013) approval from Brazil's federal Court of Audit (TCU), with conditions. The TCU raised the following proposals and concerns:

  • Raise Galeão's minimum bid from BRL4.7 billion (USD2 billion) to BRL4.8 billion (USD2.1 billion) and Tancredo Neves' from BRL994 million (USD437 million) to BRL1.09 billion (USD479 million);
  • Review the need for Infraero's participation in the concessions, and if the state-owned operator remains with a minority 49% stake, this should be reduced over time;
  • Provide the technical reasoning for why potential bidders need experience operating facilities with at least 35 million passengers p/a, which "may unduly restrict competition in the granting process";

The TCU said it would continue to monitor concession grant progress. As previously reported by CAPA, bidding is expected to open 31-Oct-2013. [more - original PR - Portuguese]