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Republic Airways Holdings increases 3Q2013 guidance

18-Sep-2013 4:14 PM

Republic Airways Holdings updated (17-Sep-2013) its 3Q2013 guidance as follows:

  • Consolidated earnings per share: USD0.65-USD0.75, up from USD0.55-USD0.65 in previous guidance;
  • Unrestricted cash: USD250 million-USD260 million, up from USD235 million-USD245 million;
  • Fuel cost per gallon (net of hedges): USD3.20-USD3.30, no change;
  • Frontier Airlines TRASM: 3-5% increase, up from a 1-3% increase;
  • Frontier Airlines CASM: Up 3-5%, no change;
  • Frontier Airlines operating margin: 10-12%, up from 8-10%;
  • Group revenue: USD335 million-USD345 million, no change;
  • Group pre-tax margin: 6-8%, no change. [more - original PR]