10-Dec-2010 9:49 AM

Qantas states latest Trent 900 issue will only result in small delay in A380 delivery

Qantas stated a “small anomaly” for its latest A380 has resulted in a slight delay in the delivery of the aircraft (AFP, 09-Dec-2010). The issue related to a faulty oil tube in one of the aircraft’s Trent 900 engines. Airbus stated the engine has now been replaced (Reuters, 10-Dec-2010). The carrier assured it is a minor issue and it still expects the A380 to be delivered by mid-Dec-2010. Airbus added the delivery of the new aircraft is imminent and a further two A380s will be delivered to Qantas this month. As a result, the company is on track to maintain its A380s deliveries target of 20 for 2010. The discovery was part of an ongoing inspection into the Rolls-Royce engines, following Qantas' 04-Nov-2010 incident. Qantas does not expect the issue to affect Christmas and New Year operations.

Qantas stated in documents filed in the Australian Federal Court that it held a “serious concern” Rolls-Royce would have gone to Britain’s courts for an “anti-suit injunction” if the carrier had not filed a damages claim against the company (Sydney Morning Herald, 10-Dec-2010).

Rolls-Royce is expected to soon provide guidance as to when Qantas can resume A380 operations on services between Australia and Los Angeles (The Australian, 10-Dec-2010). The carrier is alleging in its damages claim against Rolls-Royce that it will be “unprofitable” to operate the aircraft on the Los Angeles routes as it is unable to use the maximum thrust required for take-off on a full A380. Qantas cautioned against updated information on GDS that the carrier plans to resume A380 operations on the route on 18-Jan-2010, stating operational restrictions remain in place. A spokesperson stated it hopes to be in a better position to comment on Los Angeles A380 services next week.  

Qantas is believed to be developing a marketing campaign to increase consumer confidence in the A380s (The Australian Financial Review, 09-Dec-2010).