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Qantas issues statement on impact of carbon price

11-Jul-2011 11:02 AM

Qantas announced (11-Jul-2011) it expects the introduction of a carbon price system from 01-Jul-2012 to have an estimated cost of approximately AUD110 million-115 million in the financial year ending 30-Jun-2013. The airline said domestic airlines will be exposed to the full starting carbon price of AUD23 per tonne through an increase in aviation fuel excise from Jul-2012 and will not have access to transitional assistance or compensation arrangements. International aviation fuel will be excluded from the carbon price scheme. Based on the estimated additional costs, the Qantas Group expects the price of a single domestic flight sector will increase on average by approximately AUD3.50 in FY2013. Fare increases will vary depending on sector length, Qantas said, with all fare increases to be "communicated transparently to consumers". [more]