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Pilots believe more mergers inevitable if US carriers are to compete

17-Feb-2011 12:02 PM

Air Line Pilots Association's (ALPA) new President Lee Moak stated more mergers of US airlines are inevitable, and essential for domestic carriers, to compete globally (Reuters, 16-Feb-2011). He also stated that passenger airlines are still too vulnerable to fuel price spikes and other business conditions that threaten industry profitability. Mr Moak also stated that "there is a time and place for confrontation". He stated carriers must demonstrate sustained profitability for pilots to benefit at the bargaining table but stated it would be a mistake for airline management to misinterpret the labour group's position on "constructive engagement".

ALPA: "I believe we need to be there sooner rather than later because we need to compete globally. How it will shake out remains to be seen," Lee Moak, President. Source: Reuters, 16-Feb-2011.