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Nigeria’s domestic carriers to launch strike against National Airspace Management Agency

6-Apr-2010 3:48 PM

Nigeria’s domestic carriers reportedly plan to launch an indefinite strike in 09-Apr-2010, in protest of National Airspace Management Agency’s (NAMA) plans to ground aircraft of operators owing navigational charges (Panapress/Nigerian Aviation, 02-Apr-2010). NAMA has requested operators pay their charges owing on a “cash and carry” basis, effective 09-Apr-2010, as most carriers have become “perpetual debtors”. NAMA responded the threat “does not hold water” and that the operators' refusal to pay is a “threat to safety”. The operators reportedly owe the agency almost USD13.3 million. Meanwhile, Nigerian Aviation Professionals Association has called on the Nigerian Government to intervene in the ongoing dispute between airlines and NAMA (, 06-Apr-2010).