28-Jun-2010 1:08 PM

New Berlin airport to open seven months later than scheduled

Germany's Berlin Mayor, Klaus Wowereit, stated Berlin-Brandenburg Airport will open on 03-Jun-2012, instead of 30-Oct-2011, due to security demands related to the introduction of new EU safety standards, which come into effect in Apr-2013. Under the security modifications, the airport has redesigned the terminal with 32 security lines in a modified configuration. All work on the initial 36 security lines planned, which complied with current regulations, has been stopped. The delay and security upgrade will add up to EUR140 million to construction costs, bringing the total to EUR2.6 billion. The new airport is being constructed on the compound of Schoenefeld Airport and will integrate the operations of the now-closed Tempelhof Airport and Tegel Airport, also to be closed. [more]