15-Aug-2011 12:02 PM

New airport near Ho Chi Minh City to commence construction in 2015; private investment to be sought

Vietnam's Long Thanh International Airport will be constructed in the southern province of Dong Nai (Thanh Nien News, 13-Aug-2011). Vietnam Government reportedly plans to issue bonds, gain development assistance funding and seek private investment to raise funds to construct the airport( Reuters/Thanh Nien News/Vietnam News Agency, 13-Aug-2011). Construction will commence in 2015 with an initial investment of approximately USD6.75 billion. The first phase is scheduled for completion in 2020 with capacity to handle 25 million passengers p/a by 2020 and the airport will be able to accommodate A380 aircraft. Its capacity will reach 100 million passengers and five million tons of goods p/a by 2035. The airport is located 43 kms northeast of Ho Chi Minh City.