19-Jun-2013 2:51 PM

Narita International Airport Corporation awards contracts for LCC terminal

Japan’s Narita International Airport Corporation awarded (18-Jun-2013) Taisei Corporation the construction tender for the construction of Tokyo Narita International Airport’s new LCC terminal. The value of the contract is JPY11,183 million (USD143.4 million) including tax. Construction will be performed between 17-May-2013 and 30-Apr-2015. The company also awarded (18-Jun-2013) NAA Fueling Facilities Corporation a JPY105.0 million (USD1.3 million) contract to construct refuelling pipe flushing at the proposed terminal. Construction is valid from 22-May-2013 to 04-Mar-2015. [more - original PR - Japanese - Taisei award]  [more - original PR - Japanese - NAA Fueling award]