12-Nov-2013 12:59 PM

London Britannia Airport plans unveiled by Testrad Consortium

UK's Thames Estuary Research and Development (Testrad) Consortium presented (11-Nov-2013) its plans for the new Thames Estuary Airport. The company noted that a new six-runway hub airport on the Thames estuary to the east of London could be constructed within seven years at a cost of GBP47.3 billion. The proposed new airport would be located on a purpose-built island off the Isle of Sheppey in Kent, 50 miles east of central London, and would be known as London Britannia Airport. Testrad said, "This project avoids flying over densely populated areas of London and the south east, removing completely the noise contours and impact which have bedevilled millions of people throughout and around London over the past 40 years".  [more - original PR]