18-May-2012 1:45 PM

Large US airlines report USD504m operating profit in 4Q2011. Southwest reports highest pax yield

US Bureau of Transportation Statistics (BTS) reported (17-May-2012) the following financial highlights for the largest scheduled passenger airlines for the three months ended 31-Dec-2011:

  • Large airline system operating revenue: USD33,382 million;
  • Large airline system operating costs: USD32,878 million;
    • Delta: USD7593 million;
    • American Airlines: USD6748 million;
    • United Airlines: USD5187 million;
    • Continental Airlines: USD3774 million;
    • Southwest: USD3267 million;
    • US Airways: USD3135 million;
    • JetBlue: USD1063 million;
    • Alaska: USD970 million;
    • AirTran: USD694 million;
    • SkyWest: USD467 million;
  • Large airline system operating profit (loss): USD504 million:
    • Delta: USD819 million;
    • Continental Airlines: USD187 million;
    • Southwest: USD136 million;
    • US Airways: USD108 million;
    • JetBlue: USD84 million;
    • Alaska Air: USD72 million;
    • SkyWest: USD19 million;
    • AirTran: USD11 million;
    • United Airlines: (USD134 million):
    • American Airlines: (USD797 million);
  • Large airlines system passenger yield: USD 14.4 cents;
    • Southwest: USD 15.2 cents;
    • Continental: USD 14.8 cents;
    • American: USD 14.5 cents;
    • Delta: USD 14.3 cents;
    • SkyWest: USD 14.3 cents;
    • United: USD 14.2 cents;
    • US Airways: USD 14.0 cents;
    • AirTran: USD 13.6 cents;
    • JetBlue: USD 13.5 cents;
    • Alaska: USD 13.1 cents. [more – original PR]

According to BTS, the airlines collected USD792 million in baggage fees and USD567 million from reservation change fees.