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Kyrgyzstan to enhance cooperation with US

25-Oct-2010 1:06 PM

Kyrgyzstan's President Roza Otunbayeva stated authorities are working to enhance cooperation between Kyrgyzstan and the US (Xinhua, 22-Oct-2010). Ms Otunbayeva cited Manas Airport as an example of where they could increase cooperation. The airport houses the US Transit Centre.

Kyrgyzstan Government: “I know that the 'resetting' of relations between Russia and America will help sort out this issue for everyone's benefit. For example, the United States pays us rent of USD60 million. But at the same time, we together with Russia set up a joint venture, a centre to be named Manas, which will be responsible for filling up American airplanes taking off from there with fuel,” Roza Otunbayeva, President. Source: Xinhua, 22-Oct-2010.