17-Jul-2012 11:39 AM

Kansai International Airport Co to lower landing fees by 5%

Japan’s new Kansai International Airport Co, which operates Osaka Kansai and Osaka Itami airports, plans to lower international landing and take-off fees for the first time in 11 years by 5% effective Oct-2012, according to Sankei Biz and CAAC-News reports. Kansai International Airport Co president Ando Keiichi stated international landing and take-off fees at Osaka airports will be 10% lower than current levels by 2014, bringing it closer to fees at Tokyo Narita Airport. The airport operator forecasts a 26% year-on-year increase in sales revenue to JPY150 billion (USD1.9 billion) as well as a twofold increase in passenger numbers to 33.0 million and a threefold increase in aircraft movements to 300,000 by 2014.