29-Jul-2010 10:30 AM

Jetstar criticises vertical seating as 'gimmicky'

Jetstar CEO, Bruce Buchanan, criticised Ryanair’s plans to introduce vertical seats on aircraft, stating the suggestion was “gimmicky” (NZ Herald, 29-Jul-2010). Air New Zealand also commented that it would not consider the move. Tiger Airways Australia Managing Director, Crawford Rix, said yesterday the airline could consider the seating option.

Jetstar: “The number of seats you can put in the aircraft is already limited and Ryanair and most low-cost carriers are at the maximum number of seats you can put inside an aircraft today. The benefit of putting in stand-up seats seems a little bit silly to me in that you're not going to get any more passengers on board so how do you actually pass on a saving to customers?” Bruce Buchanan, CEO. Source: NZ Herald, 29-Jul-2010.